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Concrete Surface Solutions

In addition to installing polished concrete, Sterling Stone and Tile Inc. provides a whole host of other services to prep, finish, or maintain your concrete, stone, or terrazzo floors!  We understand that not all floors are created equal, and in turn, not every solution is the right solution for you.  That's why at SSTI, we believe offering the following services helps us provide you with the solution that is right for you! 

Coatings Removal (floor prep)


Sterling Stone and Tile Inc. offers competitve pricing on Concrete Coatings Removal.  Whether it's that pesky carpet glue, thinset from a previous tile install, or a combination of gunk from multiple installations, SSTI will be able to get you back to a blank canvas in no time!  Perhaps you may wish for us to continue on to polishing the concrete or implementing one of our many flooring options!

Epoxy Coatings Products

Sterling Stone and Tile Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of coating products for indoor and outdoor concrete and stone applications.  From thin mil sealers like waterbased epoxy or solvent based sealers, to thick mil coatings like Epoxy, Urethane, and Polyaspartic varieties.  Sterling Stone and Tile Inc. will not only offer the experience installing these products, but perhaps more importantly will be able to advise you on your full range of options.  And which options might be best for your particular situation.  Whatever size your nexted epoxy coating project is, we can accomodate you!

Polishable Overlays


Polishable Overlays are certainly a revolution in the polished concrete and decorative overlay world!  It allows the polished concrete contractor to cover up the existing slab of concrete and offer a very predictable polished surface.  This is great for those customers that desire polished concrete in a space where the existing concrete has too much "character" for their liking.  Or the customer that just simply appreciates the appearance and predictability of an overlay.  In either case, polishable overlays are an exciting new revoltuion in the flooring world and Sterling Stone and Tile Inc. is proud to be your local certified installer!

Stone and Terrazzo Restoration

If restoring your existing terrazzo or stone floor is what you desire, let Sterling Stone and Tile Inc. show you how it's done!  This is one of our favorite things to do, because the changes can be so dramatic!  People are often amazed at what beauty we can reveal through our restoration process.  And for those of you installing a new terrazzo floor, consider having SSTI mechanically polish it!  This method will look and perform better than the classic process of waxing the floor over, and over, and over again...

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