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Polished Concrete

As is true with many products on the market, there are varying levels of refinement and quality when it comes to Polished Concrete.  And here at Sterling Stone and Tile, we have chosen to clarify what those levels of refinement are.  In doing so, we are better able to provide the customer with that which they want at the price point they desire.  Whether it's an economical Utility Polish, a highly reflective and minimal blemish Showroom Polish, or somewhere in between, SSTI now offers three polish level options at three different price points!
Whatever the level, we believe polished concrete will benefit the consumer in three very important ways.  One, it will likely save them money up front and over time because of the low material cost and ease of maintenance.  Two, they will love how practical it is to live and/or work on a ground flat polished concrete floor.  And three, it is just plain cool looking!  So whatever your reason is for choosing polished concrete, trust that Sterling Stone and Tile will provide you with the versatility and professionalism it takes to make your next project a success!   
Utility Polish
(Level 1 Polish)

The Sterling Stone and Tile Utility Polish is for our customers who are looking for the base level benefits of owning a polished concrete floor, while adhering to a tighter budget.  This level offers a shallow grind, which means in most cases the surface of the concrete will not be removed, leaving a higher incidence of surface blemishes.  In plain english, it doesn't usually look quite as good as a deep grind, or have as high of a polish.  But it does include the ever important densification and sealing process.  This means your concrete will be clean and dust proofed, less suseptable to surface abrassion, spalling and cracking, will resist forklift tire marks, and will be more stain resistant.  

Standard Polish
(Level 2 Polish)

The Sterling Stone and Tile Standard Polish  is our most popular polish.  It is considered a medium grind, which typically exposes a "salt and pepper" aggregate.  The standard polish requires joint filler, and includes the ever important densification and sealing process.  The main difference between the utility and the standard polish is it's clarity.  Since the Standard polish typically removes the cream layer of the concrete slab, the slab is flatter and has far fewer surface defects than that of the utility polish.  Leaving a highly polished and low blemish concrete floor!   

Sterling Diamond Polish
(Level 3 Polish)

The Sterling Stone and Tile Sterling Diamond Polish is our highest quality polished concrete floor.  This is considered a deep grind.  It will typically produce a larger aggregate.  Like the Utility and Standard Polish, the Sterling Diamond Polish also requires joint filler, and the ever important densification and sealing process.  Since this is a deep grind, the surface defects will be at an absolute minimum.  And the polish will be at an absolute premium!  So if you want the very best for your polished concrete floor, except no substitutes, call Sterling Stone and Tile today and ask for the Sterling Diamond Polish!

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